alex turner and jamie cook

Anónimo asked: You're on of the best ppl on here you're so nice and are so passionate about am and music it's so great :) plus you're a cutie and really funny and great w/ followers

Thank you soo much, and yeah i think music is my main passion so its nice to get a recognition of that. cheers :)

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Anónimo asked: do you have the argentine accent where you say estrella como estresha? at least thats how i would explain it in english. its so cute :)

Yeah, we do say estresha hahaha totally. i have it. and well that’s good then, thanks!

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Anónimo asked: Chris, I've been seing this guy and I really like him a lot, he so smart and funny and everything but he's two years younger than me and he says its okay with him, but idk, now I feel like his big sister or something, its so stupid but idk what to do, do u think I should keep dating him? thank you!

i want you to read closely to this ask you wrote and look at how dumb you would be for ending a fucking relationship for a 2 years difference. big sister? are you kidding me, its two fucking years come on haha. its nothing. i mean if you like him a lot and he’s smart and funny then keep going out with him. don’t be ridiculous. good luck!

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alex turner, from t in the park, 2014

Anónimo asked: I Just got back from a trip but what happened to miles??

He got ill and had to cancel some shows!

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Anónimo asked: you know, arctic monkeys are one of the few things that keep me going at the moment i love them and my life is so fucked up at the moment

I’m so sorry your life is not right now but hey you do good. just hold on to things that makes you happy. the monkeys are ideal for that. i feel you.

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Foo Fighters at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, 20.06.2014 (x)

Anónimo asked: for real though chris you're hot!!

Well, thank you very much. That’s so sweet!

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crazybeautifulstars asked: whats danielles instagram name?

Hey, here!

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t h e m e